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Who is Genevieve Ava?

“Happiness isn’t determined by numbers on a scale.”

Aside from my social media, this is the sole source of where you will get to know me; from the ins & outs of my fitness career, to my experiences within the industry, my lifestyle and who I am as a person!

A little about myself….I am the first generation of my family living in America. I am often asked what my nationality is and I am full Filipina. I’m originally from Southern California from a small town in the Inland Empire called Menifee! Currently I reside in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona. I’ve lived here for 4 years now and absolutely love it, even when it gets so damn hot in the summer!


I got involved in the fitness industry officially a year and a half ago. I was athletic growing up and played golf and basketball at the collegiate level. My skills and talents of swinging a golf club or shooting a basketball was nothing compared to the world of body building. When I first learned how to properly train, it was so new to me, I knew nothing. Prior, I was just going to the gym just to go, I trained with numerous trainers and my diet was all over the place.

My body kept hitting plateaus and I always wondered what it was I was doing wrong. I wondered why my body wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. I personally felt very blob-like. Although I was never under or overweight, I still struggled with cellulite and unwanted, stubborn fat in many areas on my body. I remember being on vacation at a pool party and a girlfriend of mine snapped a picture of me, it was at that moment when I looked back on that picture I realized I wasn’t treating my body right or properly giving myself the nutrients it needed. I just simply looked unhealthy.

My journey began when I decided to try competing. I trained and dieted for two years consecutively and only competed in two shows: Figure NPC and WBFF Diva categories. The life of a competitor was rough, I definitely struggled mentally, physically and emotionally. I decided competing was not a passion of mine but sharing my knowledge to help others reach their full potential was! I took the information I gained to transform and shape my body the way I wanted.

Within the last 3 years, many opportunities and doors have opened. I am so grateful, it is because of these opportunities that it has allowed me to help others. My purpose is to be a guide, a motivation for women all over the world aspiring to better themselves. I want to share my knowledge with you, not only about fitness, but finding the balance in all aspects of your life. Learning to love your body is a struggle I can relate to and that we all go through. When we can work together to overcome adversity, that is EMPOWERMENT.



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